Over the years, dietary practices have changed. The food we now eat is high in fats, sugar and salt; there is less consumption of fruits and vegetables, and more often than not, we eat out. Further, there is little or no exercise with a majority leading a sedentary lifestyle, not to mention the regular drink.

Reports now show that the probability of dying young in Kenya from a non-communicable disease is 18% – 30 years in case you are wondering.

Dietfity looks at diet and physical activity as important areas of action in prevention and control  of noncommunicable diseases.



I am Christine Nderitu: a certified nutritionist, nutrition and health columnist for The People Daily and wellness educator. I am also a salsa dancer.

I love smoothies, music and dance, good conversation, words creatively put together and lights- especially in the night: the moon, stars, streetlights, car lights in traffic. Try a view of the city from a rooftop at night. You’ll see what I mean. So it goes without saying that I prefer dinner and I totally love Christmas :)


  • Mercy Mutua

    Aawwweee…amazing, just what we need in our today’s Kenya. People got to know how huge a change good nutrition can make in their lives.

    • dietfityKE

      True that Mercy.

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