Prevent maternal obesity preconception

Research has shown that obesity among women before conception increases the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), affects their health during pregnancy, their birth outcome, and the transmission of obesity and related NCDs to their children. Weight management during pregnancy however hasn’t yet been shown to be successful in improving pregnancy outcomes, and the health of the offspring.  Some studies have actually suggested that dietary and lifestyle interventions during pregnancy whether alone or in combination with drugs, is not enough to have meaningful impact on the pregnancy, its outcomes, or to reduce gestational diabetes. (more…)

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Since the introduction of anti-retroviral therapy (ART), HIV wasting syndrome has become a thing of the past as people enjoy better health (HATiP, Issue 182, 06 October 2011). However as the condition has become more of a chronic disease with people living longer and ageing, the common trend now is overweight and obesity. Individuals living with the virus are now exposed to risk factors of non-communicable diseases similar to those of the general population, in addition to the risk factors associated with the infection and the ART. The result is nutrition challenges such as diabetes, hypertension; dyslipidemia among others (UNAIDS). (more…)

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Diet and Cancer


Yesterday morning, a friend from the African Cancer Foundation (ACF) sent me a message and told me about this guy with recurrent brain cancer whom they are trying to help access treatment. Like you may have figured already, I had quite a day so I only settled to slowly read about Jadudi -whose story is allover social media now- on my way home. It is heartbreaking to have such a young soul go through what he is going through now so if you can help, please do. A neighbour is not necessarily the person living next door, but he that needs your help. (more…)

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