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The bachelors’ kitchen

Onion chopper, slicer/grater, non-stick pan, tomato slicer& a chopping board

A male friend of mine just told me something I found completely awing. “I carry a knife and chopping board whenever I am going for a barbeque in case of an emergency”. The emergency was in quotes. It had to be. I mean, how do you go to barbeques expecting an emergency that will need a knife and chopping board (chuckle)?

Men that can cook are different and few. Cooking is another one of the things that men regard with phrases like “we are/not wired for”. But, my friend has enough chopping boards, knifes and pans.

In this era, most bachelors -and bachelorettes- eat out; busy schedules, less time to cook, more food options and eating places, poorer cooking skills (especially this) and many other reasons. However as convenient as eating out maybe, it has it disadvantages. Obesity experts in the US have studied and found that people who eat out more often are more likely to become obese than those who eat at home. This is so because most foods in the restaurants are very high in calories. We also tend to make wrong choices. For instance, deep fried chicken with french fries. This will be served with a saucer of well-greased green vegetables, or equal measure of Kachumbari, and in some cases you will miss. This is a definite challenge if you have a chronic condition (diabetes/ hypertension), are managing weight, or you simply just want a healthier lifestyle. Second, you could suffer a lot of food poisoning, especially if you do not have the one joint, not to mention that eating out is expensive.

Way forward

Although I occasionally get sugarcane and peanuts from the vendors on my way home, I am not one that advocates for street food vending –prepared and ready food especially. Mainly because the hygiene standard among most vendors is wanting, and if you critically go through the preparation process with them, you will be disgusted. That said; man must live. I suggest you invest in a fridge, a grater/ slicer, a peeler and maybe a blender. The apparatus will make most of the mechanical work much easier. Then engage you laundry lady so that when she comes on weekends, she brings you fresh vegetables and fruits, boils you the pulses, githeri, makes chapos and matoke, and yours will just be to fry or heat.

Then always have:-

Milk or yoghurt, cereals, peanuts, fruits and vegetables, peanut butter and honey, and ready pulses.

With these, u can fix something in minutes.

Christine Nderitu

Licensed Nutritionist and Public Health Practitioner, Christine, helps people lead healthy lifestyles through health education and behaviour change practices that are simple and practical. She writes a weekly (Monday) nutrition column in the People Daily and is experienced in nutrition management, research, health education and promotion in; HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health and Non-Communicable Diseases. She has been engaged in these activities since 2011. Christine feels the world needs more stories that celebrate and normalize desired (good) behaviour. And humanity-we have many preventable and often manmade public health issues today.