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DIETFITY is a partner and resource for reliable health and nutrition information and solutions that promote good nutrition and health.

We are passionate about inspiring and enabling individuals, groups, and institutions make the right choice, the easier choice through our content, projects and initiatives.

Christine Nderitu

Licensed Nutritionist and Public Health Practitioner

As a licensed Nutritionist and Public Health Practitioner, Christine, helps people lead healthy lifestyles through education and behaviour change practices that are simple and practical.

Her area of expertise lies not just in nutrition management but in health education and promotion in HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Health, Maternal and Child Health as well as Non-Communicable Diseases, which she has engaged in for a decade. She is also a columnist in a leading local Daily. Christine has a keen interest in Non-Communicable Diseases prevention and control. She feels that the world needs more stories that celebrate and normalize desired (good) behaviour, and humanity. “We have many preventable and often manmade public health issues today.”

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Senior wellness

We offer evidence based, simple and easy to understand nutrition/wellness and general health information, in addition to practical solutions that help the older adults in your life enjoy the best quality life.

Health promotion & education

We deliver workshops/ training on nutrition, healthy living, and non-communicable diseases while inspiring behaviour change.

Nutrition & health content 

We develop nutrition and health content exclusively for your site, magazine, newspaper and social channels.

Shero the Tribe

Social, economic and political changes in a nation are reflected in the health behaviours of its population. Faster structural changes lead to faster health behaviour changes which could either be beneficial or harmful. We however have a collective power to influence structural changes.

The initiative dubbed shero (Support, Humanize, Engage, Re-educate and Orient) aims to Support individuals, organized groups and organizations that are influencing social change by Humanizing social issues through engagement and re-education regardless of personal Orientation.

Shero the tribe is thus a community of progressive thinkers who are working to address inequalities that affect our health and wellbeing.

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“Our effort to create the change we wish to see, depends on the extent to which we care about the direction of social change.”

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Young children include toddlers and preschool children who upto 5 years of age, experience rapid cognitive, social-emotional and physical development.  These developmental changes are accompanied by changing nutrition needs to support the most critical stage of development throughout life.
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How often have you had a drink to ‘help you sleep better’? Well, although moderate alcohol consumption is considered safe, no amount of alcohol is recommended. This is because alcohol affects every individual differently, again also depending on other factors such as a person’s age, sex, […]
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Weight is generally a bigger concern to women than it is to men, and while it could be more psychological for a majority of women, weight largely affects the health of those of reproductive age. This is particularly true because of the influence weight has on […]

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