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Problem sleeping? Alcohol consumption could be the reason

How often have you had a drink to ‘help you sleep better’? Well, although moderate alcohol consumption is considered safe, no amount of alcohol is recommended. This is because alcohol affects every individual differently, again also depending on other factors such as a person’s age, sex, their body time and size. And while alcohol gives a feeling of relaxation and sleepiness, studies show that alcohol consumption -especially in excess- is associated with poor sleep quality and duration.

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Diet supplements and laxatives: Doing more harm than good?

Using diet pills and laxatives is among many unhealthy methods of weight management which have been shown to increase the risk of individuals developing eating disorders.  Additonally, use of diet pills has other health effects including high blood pressure, liver and kidney damage, increased heart rate, rectal bleeding, as well as sleeping disorders. Despite these effects, and the regular discouragement to use them by health care providers, over the counter diet pills and laxatives are still popular among young adults and youths, especially women.

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