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So after I told you all about controlling your sugar intake, I ended up craving it-the irony.

Funny thing; I do not take sugar in my tea.

What causes craving?

Cravings though more common in women, than men occur for a variety of reasons. These reasons are not necessarily hormonal, and neither do they mean that your body is lacking something.Using artificial sweeteners a lot and eating a lot of simple sugars for instance has been shown to result in cravings. This is primarily because simple sugars are broken down very fast, so soon you need another boost. They also make you just want to have more.

Have you had a bite of crisps and ended up eating the whole packet when you had not really intended to?

Stress, caffeine and lack of sleep can also cause overstimulation of the stress response system, resulting in changes in appetite. Further, inadequate intake of starch before a workout or complete exclusion like is the case with some of our ‘dieting’ plans can result in cravings and eventually binge eating. You could have also formed a habit of eating chocolate chips every 10 o’clock. This conditions you brain to want and to expect.

Stop the cravings

Get some exercise. This will help to release the feel good hormones which you would get from having the sugar and at the same time distances you from the food.

If you are hungry, eat a full meal; balanced with complex carbohydrates and vegetables. Although it may not completely relieve the crave, it will control how much of it you have and at the same time provide a slower, much steady sugar flow.

Take a hot shower or soak in the tub. It’s still about feeling good. It will relax you and if taken in the evening help you sleep better- which you need to- else you will have a jumbled metabolic system.

Find a healthier replacement if you cannot control yourself. While I can be disciplined to have just 2 pieces digestive, I cannot promise not to finish a chocolate bar in a sitting. So in such a case, pack apples, nuts, vegetable bitings and salads, whatever healthy bite you prefer.

Then talk to someone. Get a hug even. I don’t think 10 bars chocolates would give the assurance a warm tight hug would give, and finally, avoid these sweets.

If it is not there, you can’t have it.  🙂

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  1. I concur with the habit forming,,just like a bell ring, ur system is accustomed to receiving a particular food item hence the crave. People need discipline to establish good eating habits

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