liquor pours in wine glass
How often have you had a drink to ‘help you sleep better’? Well, although moderate alcohol […]
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Weight is generally a bigger concern to women than it is to men, and while it […]
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Using diet pills and laxatives is among many unhealthy methods of weight management which have been […]
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Studies show that obese people take almost 3 times as much time to complete activities of […]
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While some avoid drinking when they have not eaten, others deliberately alter their eating habits to […]
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It takes 21 days to build a habit. Granted, we have a chance to build habits […]
According to the study “Hypothetical Lifestyle Strategies in Middle-Aged Women and the Long-Term Risk of Stroke” […]
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Health experts across the globe are concerned that staying at home may contribute to obesity especially […]
girls sleeping on mother's shoulder
Is your child getting enough sleep? How about your teen? Well, studies have shown that children […]
A habit is a behaviour or what we do without putting in much mental effort. When […]
Globally, 7.1 Million death per year; 5.1 men and 2.0 women, die from tobacco use, 6.3 […]
When I was young, my parents shopped for food stuff and other household consumables at Mama […]
A study that was recently published in the Public Health Nutrition Journal has given some new […]
Pregnancy is beautiful. But While a good number in this era ‘plan’ for pregnancies, the planning […]
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Lately, my niece sends me two texts that mean the same, only the second is followed […]
2017 firecracker light
I hope you all have started the year on a high. If not, and I know […]
If you said none, have you had a soft drink? Packet juice, maybe a muffin or […]
For every new birthday cake your HR endeavors to get, it’s another year of possible increase […]
Last week, 21 African first ladies and representatives congregated in Kenya to discuss cancer in the […]
August is just around the corner and with it, weddings. I looove weddings but on several […]