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Lately, my niece sends me two texts that mean the same, only the second is followed by “just in case the first is too digital for you”. Really bunny? But this is what technology has done: revolutionized everything from communication to how we eat.

See, now you can not only get a recipe, but also find where to get the ingredients, or the ready food. In this era, I do not believe those that say eating healthy is boring. Not with the many simple and healthy food and salad recipes I have seen on Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, and in a whole lot of blogs talking about everything healthy.

You can now take out, or dial a good meal. Good food is online with reviews to either back it or steer you clear of that place. These guys have also made their numbers available so that you can call and ask where you would want to have your food delivered. In fact, you can influence how your meal is prepared. This has given us options to variety too. A few years back, only a selected few restaurants made deliveries, and that was luxury.

Food has become bae. Until food photography and videography, a lot of us simply ate. Now we think about food: we take time to prepare and enjoy it. I hosted girls a few weekends ago, and I couldn’t keep anyone in the living room. You know; guests. Everyone wanted to learn, how to make this and that, so we all ended up in the kitchen.

Finally and probably most important is the amount of information that has become available since the internet. Read, and ask others to read, then seek professional guidance where you query.

With all the options that technology has made available either as food, or how to prepare it, there should no such things as poor feeders.

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