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It’s my favorite time of the year. Christmas!! Well, almost, and I have already started weekly trips to the mall just to see Christmas trees, the lights and decorations. These are top of my Christmas joys and I refuse to outgrow them. But that’s not all that comes with this season. There is the festivities and with these comes food- a lot of food.

As it is, all my weekends this month are full with activities: house dinners, weddings, and the climax Christmas. So as I am seeing my clients who especially want to lose weight, there is no easier way of telling them that such a decision at a time like this requires twice as much discipline, commitment and total conviction in your aspirations. The brighter side is that you get to start the New Year on a high because you’ll not only be feeling good, but looking great, when everyone else will be super slow from all the indulgence.


If you are the one planning dinners, you have control over what you serve: boiled, baked, steamed, pan-fried or grilled foods with little oil, a lot of vegetables, plenty of fruits and fresh juices.  If you are a guest at one, prepare something healthy: vegetable or fruit salad, fresh juice or a healthy dessert and carry it to the party. If everything else served looks problematic, you can always have a generous amount of what you brought. If it’s a barbecue affair, bring something that you will have to share just so you do not indulge.

It is also important to get know what has been served. Walk around the table and see everything so that you know exactly what you’ll be serving once you pick a plate. As a rule, always serve plenty of vegetables, or start with the fruits.

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