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Young children include toddlers and preschool children who upto 5 years of age, experience rapid cognitive, […]
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How often have you had a drink to ‘help you sleep better’? Well, although moderate alcohol […]
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Weight is generally a bigger concern to women than it is to men, and while it […]
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Using diet pills and laxatives is among many unhealthy methods of weight management which have been […]
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Studies show that obese people take almost 3 times as much time to complete activities of […]
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Diabetes has been identified as a major risk factor of severe illness from COVID. It is […]
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Malnutrition multiplies the threat of disease. A malnourished person has a higher chance of falling sick, […]
Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a genetic disorder characterized by high levels of cholesterol in the blood. […]
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While some avoid drinking when they have not eaten, others deliberately alter their eating habits to […]
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It takes 21 days to build a habit. Granted, we have a chance to build habits […]
Have you been trying to get your child to eat vegetables with no success? That’s probably […]
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Children who are fed on formula tend to prefer flavours from the formula which differ from those in breast milk, and could result in such children being less accepting to flavours that are not in formula.
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May is the mental health month and as we continue to dymystify the stigma around mental […]
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Researchers at Concordia University argue that obesity has effects that mirror those of aging. According to […]
According to the study “Hypothetical Lifestyle Strategies in Middle-Aged Women and the Long-Term Risk of Stroke” […]
The curfew and containment period was extendThe curfew and containment period was extended and we cannot […]
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Health experts across the globe are concerned that staying at home may contribute to obesity especially […]
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By now, a number of you have probably already bought a tub of nutrition supplements to […]
According to UNICEF, there are about 1.2 Billion adolescents aged 10-19 in the world today. The […]
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According to the global burden of diseases study tracking the consumption of major foods and nutrients […]