Among most current mums, pacifiers are some of the key baby purchases. World Health Organization however […]
2017 firecracker light
I hope you all have started the year on a high. If not, and I know […]
Being diabetic a few years back meant a diet of beans and cabbage. It meant eating […]
lemon fruits and gold necklace
It’s my favorite time of the year. Christmas!! Well, almost, and I have already started weekly […]
People respond differently to cancer treatment.  In certain cases, some people develop serious eating problems, while […]
A few weeks ago in the news was a story on the people seeking cancer treatment at […]
mangoes and bananas on newspaper
A healthy diet is important for management of all children including those with ADHD and autism. […]
Sustainable development in the words of one Dr Omar-Salim means, development that meets the needs of […]
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woman wearing black and white shirt leaning head on green watermelon fruits near cantaloupe
Adolescence is the stage of gender- specific biological changes, self-awareness; a stage of establishing a sense […]
  In the news from World Cancer Research Fund International, sugary drink companies are now targeting […]
Happy new year!Happy month of love as well :-). Today the world marks Cancer day, under […]
If you said none, have you had a soft drink? Packet juice, maybe a muffin or […]
greyscale photo of naked man
Whenever I visit a hospital, I prefer not to talk about what I do, or the […]
New evidence is challenging delaying introduction of certain food to babies in an attempt to prevent […]
For every new birthday cake your HR endeavors to get, it’s another year of possible increase […]
I have added a few kilos. I know because I had to jump a little to […]
person eating food
How many ladies in the house are comfortable with their body? Hands please, I am counting….
Since the introduction of anti-retroviral therapy (ART), HIV wasting syndrome has become a thing of the […]
Yesterday morning, a friend from the African Cancer Foundation (ACF) sent me a message and told me […]
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