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I hope you all have started the year on a high. If not, and I know most people are suffering from the guilt of indulging; there is still time to psyche up and get on the road to a healthier productive year. So let’s make some resolutions.

Get medical examinations.

This year, prevent disease rather than wait for it to happen. Get the recommended regular health checks: cancer screening if you haven’t, full body composition and lipid profiles, screen for diabetes, high blood pressure, and if you are known diabetic, hypertensive, or have any chronic ailment, do the recommended organ tests. If there is any test you postponed last year, do it now.

Quit smoking.

Smoking is directly linked to lung cancer. This is  reason enough to give up the hardest habit to quit. If you have tried before and failed, get help. Use a different approach and get a support system. You will not only reap lots of health benefits, but also save on cash.

Lose weight.

It’s cliché I know, yet I know many want to, while more need to. This year,  go on and keep a food journal. It will help you to make conscious choices of what you eat. Also get back on the track, to the gym, the dance, whatever the your exercise plan. Then be consistent.

Cut stress

While a little stress is good, too much of it can result in eating, sleep and anxiety disorders. Learn to identify the situations that stress you a lot, and ways to avoid them, or how to manage your stress.

Keep your family and friends close.

Stay in touch this year. Studies suggest that lack of social relations can reduce quality of life and negatively affect one’s health.

Think about it: laughter, hugs, and the joy of knowing you made someone’s day.

Happy New Year!

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