Uzee si Kilema

Uzee si kilema (old age is not a disability) is an initiative to promote good nutrition and physical activity for adults aged 60 years and over, and fight ageism- stereotypes (how we think), prejudice (how we feel) and discrimination (how we act towards others or oneself) on the basis of age.


We provide education on nutrition, physical activity, and management of hypertension and diabetes.


We provide outreaches where nutrition risk assessment (including diabetes and hypertension) is conducted, and appropriate referral and linkage to care provided.


We also engage in inter-generational activities that promote physical activity, healthy eating and social well-being.

Support – We aim to:
  • Educate and empower older adults to stay independent in their homes longer and enjoy quality life;
  • Share experiences of older adults;
  • Build a community of people that value, support and help older adults live with dignity and choice in their everyday life.
  • Normalize, humanize and demystify the myths of aging
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